United Africans in America

 Our goal as United Africans in America (UAA) is to create a new "African American" community that is Unified, Unyielding Against Our Oppresor, yet Self-Accountable and Self Determined in our Own Repair.



UAA is a movement to form a legal nationality to represent our united body as Africans in America, to repair, protect, police, and govern ourselves.


“National Co-Chair of N'COBRA, Joseph Epps reported that the Supreme Court and United Nations World Court can ONLY issue reparations to a Nation of people. "African American" is not considered a legal nationality by either court and therefore "African American" people have no legal standing in Supreme or World Court. "African Americans" would have to take sophisticated steps to nationalization in order to be legally recognized as a people.”- Mr. Jay Morrison (as noted in his book, “The Solution: How Africans in America Achieve Unity, Justice and Repair”).


  • Be dignified at all times


  • Take pride in our education


  • Promote black love in our interactions with one another


  • Intentionally elevate one another by calling each other Kings & Queens


  • Take pride in who we are as a people by acknowledging our ancestors and celebrating our own holidays.


  • Encourage an entrepreneurial mindset in our community from a young age that will create lanes of independence for us all.


  • Instill the value of serving our community above self preservation because we recognize that our individual gifts and talents add value to us all.


  • We are one people that must unify around our flag which is bigger than ourselves


  • Value mentorship because we are all responsible for another’s growth and success.


  • Challenge ourselves to be the best  for our families, in the work we do and in our community


  • Prioritize our community of Africans in America and work to create a functioning community where trust, love, unity and support are at our core.


  • Honor our ancestors, holidays and pledge.




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